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06/05/2020 13:49:23 (0d 0h 34m 9s ago) - Currentf7da4cb9f0221262c0921c8a0c666fbe0cae2802
06/05/2020 13:30:46 (0d 0h 52m 47s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.5-69f3b36.zip1e53a397936e9cc776cd2c8f056a20aacdb63c97
06/05/2020 11:46:37 (0d 2h 36m 56s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.5-53466d9.zip641e0adc05cb6b9e475bbbfa21ddaf970618c733
06/01/2020 11:44:09 (4d 2h 39m 24s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.5-5bac509.zip3315cbc3d7752bf04e29080c40f4a729bfcd5e4b
05/31/2020 19:10:55 (4d 19h 12m 38s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.5-1bf2bc3.zip70fa9f54cbac07771aeb853d8fd89c0b327e7175
05/31/2020 11:44:17 (5d 2h 39m 16s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.5-0bf3aa5.zip219094983771b56dc672958c1bc29df894bf7f41
05/20/2020 21:10:35 (15d 17h 12m 58s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.4-3f2b830.zipd3f1ffb8700ccd60d5686b49212f857a1a8e4871
05/20/2020 11:44:40 (16d 2h 38m 53s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.4-7a3684c.zipa00b6886334e787f48a8f2c41121ea6a86407d45
04/30/2020 21:50:03 (35d 16h 33m 30s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.4-920af81.zip8c5c671f4e9a5d4b2e2771c9e38c57404a05da89
04/30/2020 11:32:52 (36d 2h 50m 41s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.4-e760151.zip7906fd4e93611ee0b69d28a7642f301387d321f9