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01/31/2023 11:24:12 (0d 0h 8m 36s ago) - Current175d59571c0c6636d2e6658f50ed97e2bc6f871d
01/01/2023 21:38:42 (29d 13h 54m 6s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.3-661bd19.zipa5d9a8ade4562a35ef4963f7a963a1f50c147c4a
01/01/2023 21:37:02 (29d 13h 55m 46s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.3-d5e4447.zip1c7dc6e48ed71db284489abb7999a8880751ae6c
01/01/2023 21:28:33 (29d 14h 4m 15s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.3-5ed4e37.zip3a820ee6d7cd93b01aefad23786f45da3b128a67
01/01/2023 20:16:12 (29d 15h 16m 36s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.2-ef098a1.zipec02e8cc17a01105990a289a5d0872cdf300c7be
12/28/2022 22:13:02 (33d 13h 19m 46s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.2-1c7a7e7.zip488797bcec4e01b167dcc05820223340d529353b
12/28/2022 22:09:13 (33d 13h 23m 35s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.2-afdf69e.zip737cbe6274e6559836ba4f309ccafec0e783cf16
12/28/2022 22:08:45 (33d 13h 24m 3s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.2-98f1648.zipb09d4a3453750c79e2b399bf0ed131c88f0eb541
12/28/2022 21:58:33 (33d 13h 34m 15s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.1-ea9b299.zipd5adf2cea90be7e738c86b523e936caf41278c7a
12/28/2022 21:41:14 (33d 13h 51m 34s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.1-4d5a5d8.zip5760561689bb83a9f61b9ef1d1ef466ff800bf8f