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06/24/2019 08:51:44 (0d 6h 33m 17s ago) - Current5925e17358138760e3340b7bfa79fd9ccef99135
06/16/2019 08:42:48 (8d 6h 42m 13s ago)ChurchCRM-3.4.0-becc742.zip907857afa00b1a71a64d54ed94f5c03a2d7bb516
06/15/2019 17:46:29 (8d 21h 38m 32s ago)ChurchCRM-3.4.0-4ae38cd.zipbee1cff3cf333b332a914619f773f20d0eb01db3
06/15/2019 08:42:13 (9d 6h 42m 48s ago)ChurchCRM-3.4.0-5562871.zip456f9cbde5dd8f855a71e5adedc4898f2b16ec4d
06/13/2019 08:46:06 (11d 6h 38m 55s ago)ChurchCRM-3.4.0-3f78410.zip329062382afe95531451b3c2ecad32688ef32d48
06/02/2019 08:35:10 (22d 6h 49m 51s ago)ChurchCRM-3.4.0-95f8429.zip16152400f977a80c742e6f1e73e4c70f1609f4fb
05/18/2019 11:23:45 (37d 4h 1m 17s ago)ChurchCRM-3.4.0-98954cb.zipf8f16641c54f6152735d2b9b9ba21f27c796eb9d
05/18/2019 11:16:10 (37d 4h 8m 52s ago)ChurchCRM-3.4.0-9e7a250.zip955b765f0908a6f61bade4a7cbbd7e166bd28dfc
05/18/2019 08:27:34 (37d 6h 57m 28s ago)ChurchCRM-3.4.0-18fcc78.zipadfa286b8ae7192880204d843e579ef8339d2c2f
05/06/2019 08:23:45 (49d 7h 1m 17s ago)ChurchCRM-3.4.0-6777ab5.zip939a827e2fcf420323df6f60a368d7a1b7056eb8