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03/31/2023 04:22:20 (0d 0h 45m 56s ago) - Current88fcfed42ce86a4be4c0b226e5435a180b770b26
03/15/2023 08:32:56 (15d 20h 35m 20s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.4-8734103.zip074cce1c1848f83e6dd58e35e320c515cbb4e658
03/07/2023 17:28:36 (23d 11h 39m 40s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.4-e6b5677.zipbce1c4263f4407e4429e6b9496a24de31b3fb214
03/07/2023 15:21:02 (23d 13h 47m 14s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.4-ab974ef.zipaba4d76e9a18d04a573287ff6c5a8896a486b22f
03/04/2023 07:32:30 (26d 21h 35m 46s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.4-a417f5a.zip57712f59af807363d2e8377bf1b532b591d27cd3
03/02/2023 15:20:39 (28d 13h 47m 37s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.4-7dd36f0.zipa84b3b376cf191d7b63877cdadcfb7594bfd0ddb
03/01/2023 13:26:45 (29d 15h 41m 31s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.4-7628e32.zipa57dfab0e6c7c0209ba0be2db15338e5120dab3f
03/01/2023 13:26:11 (29d 15h 42m 6s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.4-1f7ea5c.zipe13b2ea732f719b59000e2134d210bcbc5a2eb6c
03/01/2023 13:26:09 (29d 15h 42m 8s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.4-7848f83.zip07f8b8ba8a135d94d366f3b7cb7090a63423c158
03/01/2023 13:12:23 (29d 15h 55m 54s ago)ChurchCRM-4.5.3-b078580.zipc3c1d6c15d884a9facb852347392de61f08b0355