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07/16/2018 05:42:17 (0d 17h 39m 16s ago) - Current1415110484e4cb9358ca317d2dbf98a0849b0575
06/29/2018 17:58:34 (17d 5h 23m 0s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.6-62beb1f.zip68f841aa9f9dd9882bbd5be939a54f5e21271859
06/29/2018 05:36:39 (17d 17h 44m 55s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.6-412631b.zip317300475d0281d23fc589b232f4289140c2555c
06/12/2018 05:29:31 (34d 17h 52m 3s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.6-0484c7e.zip39a9784dee6680a907c13d898e9629775170431d
06/08/2018 05:28:47 (38d 17h 52m 47s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.6-688a0ce.zip2f3ac72609f582f0c9e8f4ee09b23bbb89f83d00
06/06/2018 05:33:40 (40d 17h 47m 54s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.6-45fe74e.zipa6cddd1b23f56143cfa2c444bfbfb57079d3e055
06/05/2018 01:39:34 (41d 21h 42m 0s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.6-64d1503.zip3d5437e4e72f87bd8d2e6468896dad3e7ddd5bf6
06/04/2018 05:22:46 (42d 17h 58m 48s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.6-833940d.zip2fb173ba3a8fc1c22ee42a794accb2b70f150180
05/29/2018 05:20:29 (48d 18h 1m 5s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.6-40c0973.zip3f0369b23e3e53c2f2f75ce577a94e115e094032
05/26/2018 17:14:15 (51d 6h 7m 19s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.6-bdc3017.zipb43a71c89ca685ef389b789375e462f0fc5dcc41