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09/23/2020 12:49:24 (0d 8h 31m 31s ago) - Current5fe96f722504551019a3151f1057369720e39220
09/13/2020 19:30:00 (10d 1h 51m 2s ago)ChurchCRM-4.1.2-f9db10d.zip90014d9e49db4d6ff3adfd942dbd85622d998284
09/13/2020 15:29:55 (10d 5h 51m 14s ago)ChurchCRM-4.1.2-27ca4d7.zipce9f47617778a49c18c1741d83ccd9ca09179df6
09/13/2020 12:40:18 (10d 8h 40m 58s ago)ChurchCRM-4.1.2-dbd0d15.zip902b3406eac714f80306008fdba7ae46adb99546
09/11/2020 12:38:57 (12d 8h 42m 24s ago)ChurchCRM-4.1.2-806ef1d.zipc3ad185b4697414c89235ee117a3e6db85438ce0
09/01/2020 12:32:56 (22d 8h 48m 26s ago)ChurchCRM-4.1.1-20fc79f.zipdd67c13abf181af5bcf0c700a1b579bcbbdf3b98
08/03/2020 23:52:56 (50d 21h 28m 26s ago)ChurchCRM-4.1.1-d68aa74.zip1df920bdeb81e8477b015926b6029979c8d47b48
08/03/2020 12:19:17 (51d 9h 2m 5s ago)ChurchCRM-4.1.1-5a15970.zip57bd97b49d5afd085d172a408909ce8a4e403434
08/02/2020 12:15:51 (52d 9h 5m 31s ago)ChurchCRM-4.1.0-89bdba1.zip55845c0d6d637b9e2fe1cc9e46ed757ae470f60a
06/26/2020 11:58:58 (89d 9h 22m 24s ago)ChurchCRM-4.1.0-5e3a789.zip0eb0e7472d26baa88c5ac66df33de800004158d4