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03/18/2018 17:47:35 (0d 6h 41m 59s ago) - Current4476dfb1d659222c586b2ef038270fc32e9ceb4d
03/18/2018 17:08:08 (0d 7h 21m 26s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.1-def904c.zipc4eb800f9201e680807330701f4080783ad2c2fd
03/18/2018 16:38:21 (0d 7h 51m 13s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.1-d8c1197.zip729b06a77b447f21769976e729f2111182c3c7cc
03/18/2018 16:32:11 (0d 7h 57m 23s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.1-774bacf.zip1de35fee578da2bbb70a9075876915a211260306
03/18/2018 16:27:47 (0d 8h 1m 47s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.1-da3b6e3.zipe8adba407ce19363044bfc91036272f4b6825962
03/18/2018 04:38:08 (0d 19h 51m 26s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.1-d1aa51d.zip27fc664746be198aa6d08f0fe0b9b55c6b64ad75
03/17/2018 22:58:02 (1d 1h 31m 32s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.1-8aa0010.zipf36e29045f7fb88922cad79f8174c6ff82c713cb
03/17/2018 22:55:37 (1d 1h 33m 57s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.1-c48c0b3.zip04d9db5b7937b5ef0d79deee695488833bc362ca
03/17/2018 11:51:56 (1d 12h 37m 38s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.1-d27ff70.zip05a73ffdcbcb4c1be40d295b8bd542e772723da3
03/17/2018 11:44:52 (1d 12h 44m 42s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.0-0132dbe.zip9cc73240c438a2035d117917b1d77605b82b2262