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01/26/2020 09:39:26 (0d 18h 11m 56s ago) - Current3590b2e2e747832680ec6120e793ffee543976e7
01/24/2020 09:44:41 (2d 18h 6m 41s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.0-48fbd4d.zip8caff1c02a0ff29bb5e0a0cb61c3fa3620e7a80c
01/23/2020 21:47:03 (3d 6h 4m 19s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.0-b92cff0.zip2f0e04920f4f366a4cf735244b9ab7f113065702
01/23/2020 21:44:57 (3d 6h 6m 25s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.0-0d694a5.zipb22a89e1bddac097fe80a5a50ec48bb7e543b955
01/23/2020 09:41:52 (3d 18h 9m 30s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.0-51efe2a.zip0faa7ae6286e8d0d661f383c98353057d6e87d10
01/22/2020 21:52:42 (4d 5h 58m 40s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.0-6369791.zip4c034d25f835a496e8267e32ed018bf5585a87d9
01/22/2020 21:51:13 (4d 6h 0m 9s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.0-71d4891.zip26eb742db6ea0cc432b77f492b0568343920b555
01/22/2020 18:53:23 (4d 8h 57m 59s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.0-8f6b84f.zip17924d44d3cf0224c478bcd3743725115246b701
01/22/2020 09:40:25 (4d 18h 10m 57s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.0-1d169da.zip11ada8ee0759b34ace5db9fdf4e000a3d998b7db
01/12/2020 11:21:57 (14d 16h 29m 25s ago)ChurchCRM-4.0.0-f389ea0.zip2c2778f040ecb73b97250214e06610968a635e3b