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12/09/2018 06:06:59 (0d 12h 36m 49s ago) - Current636b0ee4d94b947c6adccd420b734f777763451e
12/05/2018 06:06:01 (4d 12h 37m 47s ago)ChurchCRM-3.1.1-54cf3d7.zip414c10127eac2dcd9adb5244f49b34b4db080a3d
12/03/2018 18:11:49 (6d 0h 31m 59s ago)ChurchCRM-3.1.0-5ce7cc4.zipe087e098a76fac8bfdb536fbe40e5b60e6044ebd
12/03/2018 17:32:33 (6d 1h 11m 15s ago)ChurchCRM-3.1.0-7c6fc3d.zipcf85f68c9182e38de897b224fa346b690119afbc
12/03/2018 10:33:20 (6d 8h 10m 29s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.14-d49b13a.zipf7d2a0a569e4bc77df7cdd820be0dbbaedbf316f
12/03/2018 06:07:18 (6d 12h 36m 31s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.14-917108f.zipa71f0537423888e07315e030adcb019c7ae23dc2
12/01/2018 19:57:00 (7d 22h 46m 49s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.14-31bd593.zipc9b75db6c3d7a2c335e22289d652ec8057c1b2b6
12/01/2018 06:01:55 (8d 12h 41m 54s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.14-f69258a.zip58fe9ac73adf4265659c4c86f042e55c952e2e17
11/29/2018 21:47:00 (9d 20h 56m 49s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.14-66608a6.zip4c9d38b83cb23bce2d7daaa6701eace585843b5a
11/29/2018 06:05:00 (10d 12h 38m 49s ago)ChurchCRM-3.0.13-995fc21.zip83a52b1f2e3f7462758b574d077d8f7a27106113