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02/19/2019 09:14:25 (0d 4h 34m 9s ago) - Currentbcb86c5d908104eba850ea1de0b097aa08d29e64
02/19/2019 09:14:21 (0d 4h 34m 14s ago)ChurchCRM-3.2.5-4b099cd.zip2d441ceeda098215cae85be02a14e9ad7fde9652
02/19/2019 06:43:51 (0d 7h 4m 44s ago)ChurchCRM-3.2.5-c9f6ff7.zip861b7d8f6e6d5bc0da80cdf93a3be927d9c397df
02/11/2019 06:43:00 (8d 7h 5m 35s ago)ChurchCRM-3.2.5-67d32d9.zipa9e507a57cc95d7aa011093e59ae803965cfd747
02/10/2019 17:47:57 (8d 20h 0m 38s ago)ChurchCRM-3.2.5-2e97cd6.zipf5fb18ce16bfb966dd590c383a394893384a123f
02/10/2019 17:30:06 (8d 20h 18m 29s ago)ChurchCRM-3.2.5-fd077d9.zipd5d42e52f5373c141a9dad08546678906832ed51
02/10/2019 06:38:12 (9d 7h 10m 23s ago)ChurchCRM-3.2.4-8c1f6b9.zipe18846bb9888cd38b8601b43090013067b0cc1ab
01/27/2019 06:27:47 (23d 7h 20m 48s ago)ChurchCRM-3.2.3-15486e8.zipabf90f697558730dfd7a3bdf7292bddc2b324d88
01/26/2019 06:27:24 (24d 7h 21m 11s ago)ChurchCRM-3.2.3-dd421ba.zipf555c096d14e28d477a1105b66c059a6ff1f6706
01/21/2019 23:47:54 (28d 14h 0m 41s ago)ChurchCRM-3.2.3-6b62909.zipa36a6e703daf7830efaf8cc99a670da99c88e8a7