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01/23/2018 03:16:10 (0d 17h 20m 36s ago) - Currentae1f156df3962529f448857fe88193f73e4c8631
01/22/2018 02:00:16 (1d 18h 36m 31s ago)ChurchCRM-2.11.0-a79dc8b.zipf12201402c9e184cc3ff0da6a27857c194a71c96
01/21/2018 03:15:20 (2d 17h 21m 27s ago)ChurchCRM-2.11.0-89b944a.zip47b61e0cd43fb5b6e6e33b54936f9ec2cd231f3d
01/15/2018 12:25:06 (8d 8h 11m 41s ago)ChurchCRM-2.11.0-4ba7c21.zip90b1b0976e3ca2a53b947cc53ff92363c2a981c9
01/15/2018 03:12:13 (8d 17h 24m 34s ago)ChurchCRM-2.11.0-3818acb.zip8d320a80821e98e783dc74a9c06517663802bb10
01/14/2018 18:39:21 (9d 1h 57m 26s ago)ChurchCRM-2.11.0-a7b1666.zipb7dc589bdc8dcf4f7c22d5d0d8162d6d91a5e68e
01/14/2018 15:53:57 (9d 4h 42m 50s ago)ChurchCRM-2.11.0-112d47d.zip4096d6d270f71af8fffd8e13c69c1ad44577ce6e
01/14/2018 03:13:09 (9d 17h 23m 38s ago)ChurchCRM-2.10.3-5899e3d.zipc33380d034d5fa617dddb0e7f29ae39f713b4693
01/13/2018 12:05:13 (10d 8h 31m 34s ago)ChurchCRM-2.10.3-d674413.zip6f301e63b8640235ce41f00efc2e58d856d76c8f
01/13/2018 03:11:01 (10d 17h 25m 46s ago)ChurchCRM-2.10.3-81b3093.zip93da784d1379c7166d5854ed41e04af5519a442e